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Ballet de Ecuador de Luis Beltrán


Talking about native music and traditional dances of our past, is to talk really of our cultural identity, is to be closer to the comunities that still have and respect their roots the we can be related to their own way to show the culture, and we can understand their social behaviour, to evaluate their main role in history and their unpaired fight to preserve that pluricultural inheritage that stills keep their force inspite of all the continous alienation that has supported through the years.


The presence of BALLET DE ECUADOR DE LUIS BELTRAN, (originally was born as Comuneros Ballet Folklórico Nacional) gives a tribute to all those native comunities, to their own songs dances and manners through the scenic interpretation of the way they live and their traditions so own as their race and so beautiful as their culture, a true essence of our identity.

There are several badges that the ballet has received from its birth in 1989. Their investigation work and high interpretive quality in the diffusion of our culture, located it, according to The Agency of Shows Tip-Mexico like “one of the outstanding ones of their gender and representative of the new generation of Ecuadorian artists” (Ultimas Noticias Daily July 22th 2005). In 2004 they were declared “The character of the year and one of the most noted dance groups in the Country" (La Hora Daily January 2nd 2005).

Cast and Credits

Principal Dancers

 Alicia Beltrán

 Doris Castillo

Vannesa Gualoto

Gisela Morejón

Gabriela Tacuri

Joselyn Gallegos

Leonel Beltrán

 Ignacio Vega

  Daniel Arcos

Fabrizio Vargas

Eduardo Cevallos

Javier Cazar

Pablo Gallardo

Based Dancer

Andrea Espinoza

Milena Rodríguez

Emili Analuisa

Sofía Sánchez

Camila Navas

Andrea Alcócer

 Nicolás Vega

   Darío Boada

To enable the creation of choreagraphys highlands, coast and Ecuadorian Amazon, and the other Andean countries, we chose topics that fit the historical reality of our proposal, so in every artistic presentation, we are pleased to create musical performance of the following teachers

Centro Cultural Peguche

Luis Beltrán

Pepe Jaramillo

Los Reales

Ñanda Mañachi

Grupo Tradicional Cayambe

Centro Cultural Saucisa

Mario Diego Congo

Hnas. Naranjo Vargas

Marcelo Sánchez

Segundo Bautista

Manolo Criollo


Enrique Males

Guido Garay

Hnas. López Ron

Centro Cultural Pucará

Segundo Dueñas

Paco Godoy

Claudio y Humberto Jácome

Los Kjarkas (bailes bolivianos)

Los Nocheros (bailes argentinos)

Eva Ayllón (bailes peruanos)

Varios (bailes venezolanos)

Varios (bailes colombianos)





Alicia Cepeda

Bolívar Yépez

Stage Management

Choreografic Direction

Leonel Beltrán

Alicia Beltrán

 General Direction

Luis Beltrán Vargas

Phones: (593 2) 318 4348 * 515 3604 * 09 999 28818

Quito - Ecuador

WEB: www.balletdeecuador.com

E-MAIL: balletluisbeltran@yahoo.com

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