Offers of our art show


Young students and professionals of different levels and specialties, with the firm conviction of stimulating an arduous work of investigation and diffusion of our cultural identity, have joined this offer and nowadays there shape the index of the ballet, some in the area dancistic in strict sense and others in the technical movement and scenographic that every assembly demands.


The design of our choreographies they point at the versatility and preference that the modernity demands, depending on the resources and logistics that every organizer could offer the public; this way, the spectacle can be in scene from three minutes up to a recital of three hours of duration.


For it, it is necessary that our distinguished clients, when they organize a spectacle where one is going to present the magic world of the dance and the folklore, consider some details to be physical space (scene), sound, lighting and dressing rooms for change of gowns of the dancers.


It is never others to suggest also, there is born in mind the moment to design a spectacle, the setting that must be given in order that the public assistant could enjoy the artistic program. There is not the same eminently folklore Ecuadoran spectacle, that one contemporary or popular Latin American.


Anyhow, we invite him to look round the varied offers and options of spectacle that we put to his disposition in order that you, as host, offer to his public a spectacle of quality and good lasting comment.


Recital gold

The identity of the country folk in all its magnitude

(3 hours) gold-recital.pdf


Cinnamon country

A sample of Ecuadorian multiculturalism. Six regions of the country in a single show.

(32 minutes) land-canela.pdf


Dream of bolivar

The traditional dances of the 5 countries of the Liberator

(45 minutes) Dream-of-Bolivar.pdf


Black rhythms bolivarian

The contagious rhythms and dances of the African race Bolivarian Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia

(30 minutes) black-rhythms-and-dances.pdf


Back to the lord ...

A work that fuses theater, dance and music, with grace and mischief quiteñas traditional legends.

(from 30 minutes to 1 hour) So-back-Lord!.ai




Dances and Dances of national identity, shown individually or election

(see choreography) comuneros-eng.pdf

Dances mestizos

The exquisite identity mestizo dances and traditions

(All national rhythms) Mestizos-Dance.pdf


Contemporary dance

A sample of the proposed contemporary Latin American dances and universal Contemporary-s-dances.pdf

Other latin american dances

A tribute to the unity of the peoples of the Patria Grande, through their traditional dances: ARGENTINA, BOLIVIA, COLOMBIA, PERÚ, VENEZUELA


Parades and shows

Drums, whistles, dances and carnival costumes streets, squares and towns

(various themes to choose) Parade-and-prosessions.pdf


The Stage

To achieve optimal performance and high quality professional, we suggest the following minimum technical requirements that are of sole responsibility of hiring our services

Stage minimum of 8 meters. X 6 mts. Free

A clubhouse near the same size.

Professional speaker system compactera (for tracks) and a wireless microphone (or wire) that will be used in the center of the stage show, while supplies last.

The lighting system will depend on the location and time of the event, according to Rayder deliver technical advance organizer or designated technical.


Our luggage, depending on the commitment, weighs from 250 to 450 kilos between scenic clothing and other implements. If necessary, we have scenic backdrop of 10 mts. Background by 4.5 m. High, clubhouse portable pop (5 mts. X 4 m.), and our own sound and lighting system.


For big shows, Ballet used pallet services, lighting and sound amplification professional "SCENIC company": Telephone: (593) 2 3151-771 / / 0992581340 / / 2 2955-863, Quito.


Phones: (593 2) 318 4348 * 515 3604 * 09 999 28818

Quito - Ecuador



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