This section of consultations on some issues folklore and curiosities, have created to help students and other interested persons, to better understand the social behavior of our communities, their customs, their traditions, their ancestral knowledge and its enormous contribution to sustainable cultural identity of Ecuadorians.


Our field research process and coexistence with their own rural communities saw, Coast and Amazon, which we take as the basic reference for the creation of the choreography and show proposals we offer our audience has allowed us to gain some modest knowledge that enriched the opinion of experts and scholars, share with all those who want to use this section.

The Four more important Parties of the Andean-amazon Culture


The Pawkar Raymi

The Inti Raymi

The Koya, Kolla o KillaRaymi

The Kayak Raymi

The Rural Religious Party

The Mama Negra

Innocent and Sacret Kings

Andean Procession of Carnival

The Coraza

The Corpus Cristi`s party in San Andres

Themes of Folklore

Ecuadorian Popular Rhythms.




Sanjuanito or San Juan


Aire Tipico

The Chigualos



The Bomba


Other Curiosities


Nationality native ecuadorian

The Prehispanic Mesuration of the time

Equinoxes and Solstises



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