Ballet de Ecuador de Luis Beltrán


The field´s investigation analysis, the assembly of a new choreography or rehearsal of those already established, the permanent teatral courses, corporal expression, of interrelation and auto- motivation, require of a physical space that we denominate "TALLER DE ENSAYO", there not alone our classes dancers receive but it is also a learning space where the solidarity and high confraternity spirit show among dancers, choreographers, directors, technicians and apprentices.


At the moment, thanks to the support of Casa de la Cultura Ecuatoriana, that physical space is located in the room of support of the C.C.E., there find us regularly from Tuesday to Friday from 16h00 to 20h00 and on Saturdays of 9h00 at 12h00.


But our commitment goes even further on, we also have a School of Formation and Training, we dictate courses, chats and seminars to young of other dance groups , artists of other specialties and to interested people on topics as: Introduction to the Science of the Folklore, Investigation of Field, Rhythms and Traditional Dances of the Ecuador, Scenic Make-up, Corporal Expression and Scenic Development, with our instructors that dictate classes in noted institutions of half and superior level where the aesthetic culture is part of the regular studies.

Practice and Trainig workshop

Phones: (593 2) 318 4348 * 515 3604 * 09 999 28818

Quito - Ecuador



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